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– Do you find that whatever you do, you can’t get an angry on Instagram? Well, today I will change it. Hi Everything, I get 1,254 new organic Instagram followers each and every week on Instagram. (Light music) Before we start, the question for you. How many followers do you have on Instagram? Leave a comment below with that number. The reason I’m asking is I will go and check your profile, see if you use this technique, and if you don’t, I will knock your door and help you out. I really want to see you grow. Leverage these steps, and you will do it well. So the first thing I have for you. You need to test your content. This is what most people are not aware of Instagram.

You will post content.

You might post the same content repeatedly, but the content you like is not necessarily like someone else likes. So if the content you post doesn’t cause the number of your customers to rise, what does that mean? This tells you that people don’t care about your content. That’s why you need a test. When you test various types of content, you will know what people don’t like what they like. Your content can be a video, it can be a selfie, can be someone else taking your photo in a natural pose, you can be on stage, whatever. Maybe just test different things. You can even be in the car. My Buddy team sykes likes to do photos with a laptop in a cave or in the pool, and they are cool, people like that. He knew that it worked for his audience. You need to test the drastic thing, different.

The second thing you need to do

is leverage video. And I know everyone like, yes, I use a video, I upload it to my profile, but did you upload it to IGTV? Instagram TV allows you to upload longer video content. This is a new channel that you want to push Instagram. Yes, it’s already out there for a while, but not too many people do it. So when you use IGTV, you will find that your number will start rising. I started using it, I began to get more followers. The next thing you want to do is get super creative with your content. All new things like having pictures, like twice if you want to achieve your goals this year. Such posts do it very well, because I play together with the Instagram community. Everyone likes to knock double. You know, I even see interesting images, and I can’t find it, but at all put the heart in one eye, and they are like, oh, twice so I can have a heart in the eyes and other matches. And the image is only a viral. It was cheap, but succeeded. You must try various things. The next tip I have for you utilizes micro content. Everyone is like, oh my god, I’ll make this all day and take like 50 pieces of content. No, you can live with you, ask someone to film it, or you can film it yourself during your day, you can record selfies or pictures, upload it to Instagram, it’s about micro content. And when you are busy, talking at the conference or do something, ask someone to record it. You can even put your own cellphone, have it in the holder and recording it yourself. Cut into a lot of bite-sized pieces and upload it as micro content. By doing that, what you will find is that you can get involved with people more often. Another thing you want to do keep uploading the story.

If you don’t have a story,

you won’t do it well. The story has the best engemicedi seen on Instagram. Try. Leveraging Stories is a big way to build involvement, and you will find, often, when you put a picture on Instagram, you lose followers. This is because you don’t have the right audience. But when you use the story, you will find that your cups continue to rise and rise because Instagram really destroys Snapchat. Yes, they have done it, but they want to get them out of business. And that’s why You need to to use the story. If you follow all the techniques, you will do it much better on Instagram. And a bonus tip for you to engage with people. I’m not talking about joining comments. I talked about Instagram Live. When you really engage with people, talk to them directly through the video, you will do it very well, build emotional relationships where people want to follow you more. Do it all and you are organically Cangrow like me too. You don’t need to use tools that automatically follow people so you can get more followers. You must follow these tips instead, and if you follow them, you will see the following organic event up from time to time. If you need help improve your social media, get more social traffic,

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