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How to create a sales funnel on Instagram that sells more

What is the sales funnel on Instagram? Why is it important that companies that have positioned themselves within the application carry it out? In the event that you have a brand or are starting to build your business on the Internet, we are sure that you have asked yourself.

And, if we have learned something from the number of years we have been browsing social networks, it is that we should not devalue or underestimate them. Have you ever seen an ad among the famous ‘stories’ or in the publications themselves? Well, folks, marketing are everywhere!

From the time we get up until we go to bed, the brands are there, waiting for the perfect moment to make their product or service enter our eyes. However, for this process to be effective, it is important that we know that there is a consensual marketing plan.

In this sense, the Instagram sales funnel is nothing more than each of the strategies previously agreed by a company to transform a potential user of the platform into a customer. You want to know more? Ahead!

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What is the sales funnel and what does it consist of?

The sales funnel is a metaphorical concept that represents the journey of a user (potential client), until they become a consumer of the services or buyer of the product that a company is promoting in a specific place, such as social networks.

As a basis for this theory, we find the statement that, when recruiting one of these people to trust a specific project, there are a series of fundamental factors that will influence their decisions, and that we can manipulate to attract them as much as possible up to the brand.

Yes, it is true that this process is created in order to gain profitability and achieve conversions, but the case of the sales funnel on Instagram goes one step further, and it is that it acts as an information channel; now yes, make no mistake! This is one more trick to reinforce the image.

Importance of social networks for the profitability of a business

Have you ever wondered why brands are found on all social platforms? Why do you invest more money in Facebook, Instagram or TikTok than in other media? Sharpen your ears well because we are going to tell you a secret: these networks are your biggest sources of income.

Sales funnel for Instagram

One of the main reasons you will already be imagining it, right? Right, the ‘influencers’! The last great trend in marketing for companies, since it is about niche markets with direct relationship with customers.

Examples of advertising on YouTube to impact your audience

However, if we focus on the professional accounts of the projects, they are available due to the large number of users (1,000 million) who visit the application every day, and who are exposed to the sales funnel on Instagram. According to a study by the IEB, about 21% of those surveyed have bought through it.

No doubt, Audience plays a vital role in the success on Instagram. But to create a wider audience towards your brand, you have to do a small investment of Buy Instagram Likes Uk. Instagram Likes are key to become a star on this platform

The 5 stages of the sales funnel on Instagram

Did you know that the sales funnel on Instagram is made up of different phases? As we have already mentioned, it is about the path that a user takes before becoming a client or follower, so it is natural that they go through a series of fundamental stages.

1. Brand recognition

It is the first period of the sales funnel on Instagram, and it is based on the moment of arrival of a brand to the social network. Nobody knows you; neither your objectives, nor your values ​​as a project, nor your products or services, so it is a blank page where you can develop your digital identity.

It is here where we realize that there are a large number of users, but we cannot address all of them: only those who may be potential clients for the company. Therefore, you begin to “test” the waters in search of your target, followers, and content.

Start creating content based on network trends (stories, feeds, IGTV … etc.) and many of these potential consumers will engage with what you contribute, while others will not move on to the next phase. Yes indeed! It is important to upload quality publications, as it is a widely valued factor.

2. Filtering users

It is from this moment when we begin to filter, as we have mentioned, Instagram users; not all of them serve us, and they themselves will end up abandoning our profile when they discover it. Only those who stay are truly interested in the brand.

However, the active role of the account in the Internet user screening strategy is essential if we want to keep those most loyal.

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