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Halle Berry Saves The Earth In ‘Moonfall’ Trailer

Lions gate

 is not in the hook for the Moon fall budget of $ 140 million, because they have domestic distribution rights with AGC International Handling abroad. Even so, it was unusual to see the studio, especially Lions gate, launched a mega-budget film in early 2022 for seeing them tried to open the Egyptian god in early 2016. The film was trapped in the online controversy casting most of the white people (Gerard Butler, Geoffrey Rush, etc. .) As an ancient Egyptian theory. Bonkers-bananas fantasy is not really about ancient Egypt and really should be called “Jupiter god.”.

I enjoy that Alex Prolyas Flick is more than most,

but the controversy is the least problem as a “new” mega-budget film in time when people like Dead pool and Zoolander, No. 2 Get all the press. Roland Emme rich’s Moon fall is a more conventional game, which is no exception because A) has a tent director who does what is most famous and b) has something that resembles a movie star in the form of Halle Berry, Michael Patrick Wilson, Michael Peña and Donald Sutherland. As you might guess from the title, month spinning to earth, and only three nice NASA employees (berries, Wilson and John Bradley) can save us.

Announcement teasers make work finished,

 showing lots of space chaos, earth specific disasters and only instructions on 1.21 that there are aliens (?) In or around the moon. As a fan of most Emme rich disaster flicks, including 2012, I was clearly on board with this. The question is whether there are other people. This is the original concept, intended to at least play implicitly on the nostalgic day for independence day, which even the sequel to independence day cannot be carried out ($ 103 million domestic and $ 390 million on a budget of $ 165 million in the summer of 2016). However, 2012 received $ 791 million throughout the world, making it one of the most successful original live-actions ever. It also produces “only” $ 166 million in domestic, making it the lowest total domestic for Hollywood films which still reach $ 700 million throughout the world. But as a possible temptation for banks on foreign rescue, which is doubtful before Covid and of course is stirring coins now. China might shrug and wait for the earth to roam instead. However, again,

Lions gate only on hooks for domestic businesses,

and they have recording over the past decade to launch the original theater franchise (expenses, knives out, miracles, now you see me, Hetman’s bodyguard and, of course, John Wick). However, the films did not cost $ 140 million to be produced. Come what, this month can be my wife’s favorite film in 2022 and one of his favorite films since Dean Devlin’s Gesture ($ 33 ​​million domestically but $ 221 million worldwide with a budget of $ 120 million). Yes, he likes horror that is not elevated and improves disaster films, so you can imagine he is still pine for the final destination series. Moon fall opened February 4, 2022, at IMAX no less, where he will face a new jackass forever. It will open one week after Morbius and black phone and one week before marinating me and death in the Nile. Finger-crossed.

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