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How To Treat Insomnia By Using Home Remedies

Everyone faces a sleeping problem at least once in a lifetime. Facing problems in sleeping for one or two days is not a big concern. But, if you are facing this problem frequently, then it is a problem.

Getting sound sleep every night is very important for good health. If you are sleeping from a disorder, then you should look out for different ways to overcome this problem.

Mostly, people prefer to use medicines to treat insomnia, but these medicines can leave a negative impact on your body. Here, in this guide, we are going to discuss various tips that will help in treating insomnia:

1. Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation can help to calm down your mind and help to relax your nerves. During mindfulness meditation, you have to breathe slowly and steadily while sitting quietly.

You just need to find a calm place in your house where you can focus on meditation without any problem. Sit down and keep your back straight. Now, close your eyes and start observing your body, breath, feelings, thoughts, and sensation.

There are enormous health benefits of mindfulness meditation. It will not just help you to get sound sleep, but also help in improving your mental health. It is quite helpful in reducing stress, enhancing immunity, and improving concentration levels.

2. Yoga

Yoga helps in improving your sleep quality. When you will start doing yoga, then you will observe low stress, good physical functioning, and good mental health. Yoga will help your body to be flexible and fit.

Also, it helps in reducing stress from the mind. We recommend you do restorative yoga because it is a good option for those who are suffering from sleeping problems.

3. Exercise

Start doing a regular workout because it helps to improve your sleep quality. Regular workout helps in improving your mood, give energy to your body, help in losing, improve sleep quality, and many more.

People who are suffering from sleeping disorders should do moderate exercise regularly for 30 minutes a date. If possible, then you can also add vigorous exercise a few times a week. But never do a workout before sleeping because it may interrupt your sleep.

When you start doing a workout, then your heart starts pumping and you may not able to sleep immediately after doing exercise. Therefore, we recommend you choose morning time because it is best for regular workouts.

During summer, doing a workout may be the most difficult thing due to the hit and humid ambiance. Install air conditioning Sydney at home for optimum ambiance and never stop doing the workout.

4. Body Massage

Massage therapy is also helpful for those who are suffering from insomnia. Body massage helps reduce anxiety, depression, pain, and stress. Massage helps in improving the blood flow and reduce stress.

It also helps in releasing happy hormones which will uplift your mood and make you feel good. Ultimately, a good massage can help you to sleep well the whole night.

5. Magnesium Intake

Magnesium is a kind of naturally occurring mineral and it helps our muscles to relax. Various researches have suggested that the use of magnesium can leave a good impact on the sleeping pattern.

Consumption of magnesium can help in improving the sleep pattern and it is really helpful for those who are suffering from a sleeping problem. Men should take 400 mg magnesium daily and women can take up to 300 mg daily.

We recommend you divide your daily doses into two parts. The first part should be taken during the morning and the second should be taken during the evening.

You can also add magnesium flakes in evening bathing water and let your body soak through skin But, before start consuming magnesium, you should consult a doctor. There are some side effects of magnesium are also there such as stomachache, intestinal issues, etc.

6. Optimum Ambiance

Sometimes ambiance of the room is the main culprit for bad sleep. Our body needs a specific temperature, dark room, calm ambiance, and no distractions for sound sleep. Before the advent of the summer season, you should ensure that your air conditioner is working properly.

You should call the professionals such as ducted air conditioning Sydney contractors for maintenance of AC. We recommend you pay to keep distractions away from the room such as TV. Also, keep your curtains closed to maintain a dark room.

7. Lavender oil

Lavender oil is very helpful in uplifting mood, reducing stress, and improving sleep quality. Taking lavender oil orally has various beneficial results. Many types of research have shown that lavender oil capsules are very much beneficial in improving sleeping patterns.

Some people who have started taking lavender oil reported that it also helps in reducing anxiety levels and promotes good sleep.

Insomnia sufferers should take 20 to 80 mg of lavender orally to observe good results. Drinking Lavender tea is also good for health. If you do not want to use it orally, then you can spray it on the pillow.  

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