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Tips to Design Perfect & Customized Popcorn Boxes

The use of custompopcorn boxes boosts your sales and help you in promotion of your brand. Do not ignore it’s a win-win opportunity for you.

Popcorn is a delicious craving that you can eat at any time. Now the demand for popcorn is increased because customers will find it as a readymade snack and enjoy a mild hunger. The reason for the increase in demand is also because now customers can enjoy popcorn in many flavors. According to the research, about 13 billion quarts of popcorn are eaten in the year by Americans. So it’s a big amount of consumption. 

Why Do Popcorn Retail Boxes Need Customization?

Popcorn can be eaten at any time but it is mostly eaten while watching movies with family and friends, theater, or at parties to satisfy the light hunger. To increase the sales of popcorn companies are introducing new flavors of popcorn and providing popcorn to their customers in eye-catching packaging that will attract the customers. In this way, custom popcorn packaging is used. Custom packaging has the ability to attract customers and it also gives the opportunity that you can design your custom boxes according to your desire. There are many brands in the market that satisfies the customer so how can you attract these customers towards you? The answer is that you can design attractive packaging for your customer that they will attract toward your popcorn. For example, in a supermarket, the attractive packaging will attract you to the product within seven seconds. The attractive packaging will call your mind to buy this attractive packaging. This is all because of its customized packaging.  

Choose the Size of the Box According to Your Need

Custom popcorn boxes allow you to print any design, choose any style and select any size according to your need. There are versatile packaging designs and styles. You can customize your packaging boxes according to your needs. Like you can prepare different sizes of packaging pocket size, small, medium large, etc. this will help your business that how much the quantity you are providing to your customer can be measured. 


Use Theme Based Personalization of Your Brand

Match your popcorn box design with your business that helps the customer to recognize you easily. For example, you may notice that in bakery brands you will see the color of the walls, packaging, employees, or workers’ costumes all are related to each other it means they have the same theme. Use this strategy in your custom boxes packaging. To enhance the customer experience, you can also print their names and quotations on the boxes that inspire them and boost your sales as well. 

Moreover, this is another idea for the customization and attraction, there are many events that come and pass. You can print and change your packaging designs according to the events. For example, on Independence Day you print flag design on your custom popcorn boxes this will tell the customers that you are also enjoying the event like your customers are enjoying. This will help the customer to understand that you are also standing with them side by side.

Choose Bold Fonts & Metallic Shades

Use different fonts and styles that make your packaging bold and attractive. You can use metallic shade on your custom popcorn boxes. Metallic shades are the designing of different foil paper on the boxes that give the charming look and make your boxes compete with your competitors. You can print your popcorn business brand name and logo on the popcorn boxes, it can help you in promoting your brand and make your brand recognizable by the customers. 

Make your Packaging More Functional 

Make your packaging more functional by adding whatever you want your packaging do. Your packaging would protect your popcorn from all damages. It should be seal packed and high-quality boxes used in the packaging that protects your popcorn and make your customer satisfied. Add greetings in your custom popcorn packaging that will develop the trust of your customers. You can also use add-ons on your packaging to make it more protective and attractive.

Choose Recyclable Popcorn Packaging & Bags

As you know, the whole world faces issues of ozone depletion and it is because of the emission of hazardous gases. One of the big causes of these hazardous gases is the burning of plastic for the decomposition of waste material. Other resources of ozone depletion are burning chemicals these all are affecting the ozone layer and it can cause very serious diseases. The government is trying to control the use of plastic packaging. Use eco-friendly, disposable, and recyclable packaging and play a role in making the world clean and healthy.  

Choose Opulent Design

Designing the custom popcorn boxes is the process of life-giving to the boxes. For example, packaging designing is that creativity that can attract the custom towards your packaging, and customization allow you to design your boxes with your creativity. There are a variety of designs of custom popcorn on the website you can order it now. Designing the custom boxes should be attractive enough that it will easily catch the customer’s eye and make them want to buy it.

Go for Stylish Dimensions of Custom Popcorn Boxes

There are a lot of dimensions available in the market for the packaging of popcorn. Rather than this customization also allows you to design your box with your own wants. The commonly used popcorn packaging materials in the market are as follow:  

Popcorn Jars: Popcorn jars look so attractive that customers can easily handle them. One most important things about jars are they are mostly made of stainless steel and do not break so this is a fully protective option for your popcorn boxes.

Popcorn buckets: Popcorn buckets are mostly used for family serving to the customers. It has a handle so customers can easily hold the popcorn bucket.

Seal end Popcorn Packaging: Seal end popcorn packaging are those which are sealed from its both end and these type of boxes are mostly used during traveling purposes

Conclusion: The world is full of creativity, you should also think wisely and be creative for your business. Use different strategies that help in the growth of your business. Custom popcorn boxes are the perfect option for your popcorn brand to attract customers.

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