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What are the benefits of starting a business in Ajman Free Zone?

Ajman free zone is a time-honored monetary zone that nurtures industries to execute various business activities. Ajman Free Zone is an important locale, which lends it the benefit of assisting investors across the UAE. All the laws and legislation in the Free Zone are placed under the administration of the Ajman free zone hegemony. Ajman Free Zone also has an additional free zone, called Ajman Media City Free zone (AMCFZ) that influences a range of licenses for investors.

Advantages of Starting a Company in Ajman Free Zone

The Ajman Free Zone proposes a vast extent of facilities to match the requirements of every business category. Infrastructures ranging from smart offices to space for investment are all available for the entrepreneurs to opt out along with a variety of licensing packages. Also, a report shows that the strategic and advantageous location of this region entices a huge number of foreign investors. Is that all? No! There are more and more benefits that you can profit from by just setting up your business out here. Let’s check what are those through the list given below:


Timely Issuance of Trade License

One of the main reasons that make Ajman Free Zone an exceptional option for your company formation is the simplicity and clarity in registration. As the entire registration procedure is straightforward, you can easily obtain yourajman freezone license shortly. All you require is to submit the necessary documents to the respective authorities, and the remainder of the procedure can be handily regulated by your business remotely. Submit your application and all the essential documents along with your business plan to establish your company in the Ajman Free zone.


Reasonable Startup Costs

Another reason that makes Ajman Free Zone an excellent location for starting business is because of the low startup cost. Hence, small and medium sized businesses running on a tiny budget will find Ajman free zone as the best region to operate their company and thrive cost-effectively.


Ideal Location

Ajman Free Zone is strategically one of the advantageous spots to launch any business. It offers easy access to both the western and eastern regions of the world. In addition, Ajman Free zone has both multinational airports and prominent seaports which makes the export and import business much easier. It also has the greatest highway connections to nearby emirates.


Different Visa Packages

Another advantage for entrepreneurs who wish to start a business in the Ajman Free Zone is the accessibility of various packages with different visa preferences. Also, the Smart Office package enables entrepreneurs to give a maximum number of 3 visas at a time. Similarly, the Executive Office package will authorize up to five visas. In addition, there is a special package for people who don’t have enough money for a physical space, entitling them to benefit from the Flexi-desk package.


Favorable for Every Business Type

As Ajman Free Zone is open to almost every business category, entrepreneurs are interested to attain trading licenses in Ajman. It also delivers both professional and industrial licenses amongst the others. Thus, the ideal combination of businesses and industries make Ajman Free Zone an excellent spot for entrepreneurs to convey and share their proficiency and aptitude with each other. Also, you can apply for an e-business license which is not delivered in most of the other regions in the UAE.


Can Sponsor Multiple Dependents

The visa application process in the dubai freezone business setup is quite easy and hence provides a chance to sponsor your family, colleagues and hireling. Those who satisfy the salary prerequisites and possess enough leeway to accommodate them are capable of sponsoring visa applications for their subordinates. Similarly, the entire application procedure including entry permit, medical fitness test and visa stamping is very easy and can be handily done through this process. However, before submitting the application, you have to make sure that you and the dependent match the entry criteria.


Other Advantages of Ajman Free Zone Company Formation

  • Investors can have 100% ownership
  • Assured 100% return on profit
  • Exemption from personal income tax
  • Inexpensive lease rents
  • Cheap rates of electricity & power
  • Convenient and advanced infrastructure
  • No duty tax on import and export
  • Exemption from corporate tax
  • Elderly people above 60 are eligible to qualify for visa
  • Economical lease prices
  • Professional and Residential visas for investors and employees


Company formation in the Ajman free zone is an inexpensive and beneficial choice. Hence, this motivates numerous startups to establish their composure in the UAE via the Ajman Free Zone. So, if you wish to start your business in UAE, Ajman Free Zone is the best place that can help your business become successful in no time. Sometimes, the legal formalities can become pretty exhausting. But we are here for your rescue. Our professional team can handle all your company formation requirements and other legal formalities handily. Contact us to know more on our business set-up services.

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