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5 Mobile Marketing Trends to Watch in 2022

Although most people shop on a desktop, mobile shopping has jumped from 52.4 percent to 72.9 percent since 2016. That’s a 39.1 percent increase!

Needless to say, companies need to level up their marketing strategy to keep up with the times. Otherwise, your competition will swoop in, and you’ll be left wondering what went wrong.

Stick around and we’ll share five mobile marketing trends to keep an eye out for in 2022.

1. Websites Optimized for Mobile Use

As we mentioned a minute ago, more consumers are buying from their mobile devices. This means you can’t let the mobile version of your website get neglected.

COVID-19 has undoubtedly guided the shift away from in-person shopping. The pandemic has allowed people to realize how easy it is to shop online.

Or it should be, at least.

Optimizing for mobile devices should be a priority for your 2022 marketing strategy. How can you make it easier for customers to navigate your site? How long does it take the site to load?

2. SMS and Social Marketing

If Gen Z is part of your target audience, SMS should be a non-negotiable for your marketing strategy next year.

This is because Gen Z prefers communicating with brands through social media. Be it in the Facebook comment section, Instagram DMs, or texting, you better have a game plan for keeping in touch with your audience.

3. Video Ads on Social Media

Speaking of social media, video ads will become increasingly important for mobile marketing in 2022. In fact, videos are also more likely to garner more attention than images alone.

Your video ads will look different depending on which platforms you use. As long as they’re short, concise, and authentic, you have a good chance of attracting customers.

4. Voice Search

Sometimes it’s easier to ask our phones for help than it is to type it into a search engine.

To accommodate these marketing trends, you’ll need to change the way you approach SEO. Keep in mind that voice searches are more conversational and wordy. This means long-tail keywords are your best bet.

For more info on voice search SEO optimization, check out this post.

5. Location

One of the biggest advantages of mobile marketing is the ability to market based on location.

If you’re a marketer for a restaurant, a grocery store, or another business with a strong local presence, location-based ads will put you on the map for potential customers.

There are three types of location-based marketing that you’ll need to consider for your 2022 marketing plan:

  • Geofencing
  • Geotargeting
  • Geoconquesting

Mobile Marketing Trends for 2022

As consumers spend more time online, shifting your marketing strategy has become paramount.

Your business’s ability to adapt will communicate that you’re both relevant to them and willing to meet their needs. Implementing these marketing tips will no doubt set you up for success in 2022.

For more advice on mobile marketing, feel free to keep exploring our site.

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