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3 Signs an EGT Sensor Needs to Be Replaced

Do you have a bad exhaust gas temperature sensor in your car? If so, this is something that you’re going to want to replace ASAP.

As its name would suggest, an EGT sensor is responsible for monitoring your exhaust temperature and communicating with your engine control unit if it ever gets to be too high. Your ECU can then make the necessary adjustments to bring your exhaust gas temperature back down to earth.

There will be some instances in which it’ll be easy for you to tell that an exhaust temperature sensor is on its way out. For example, you’ll know that you need a new EGT sensor when your check engine light comes on and alerts you to it.

But there are also other signs that will suggest you might need a new EGT sensor. Learn about three of the biggest signs below.

1. Reduced Fuel Efficiency

Does it feel like you’re having to fill up your car’s gas tank way more than you usually do? This could be a sign of any number of problems with your vehicle.

But oftentimes, it’ll be a bad EGT sensor that is to blame for reduced fuel efficiency. Your car is going to burn through more fuel than it should when your EGT sensor isn’t working like normal.

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2. Failed Emissions Test

There are tons of different things that can cause your car to fail an emissions test. EGT sensors aren’t always behind this particular problem.

But it would be worth considering whether or not your car may have failed an emissions test because of a bad EGT sensor. If you can’t find any other parts that might have caused you to fail an emissions test, you might want to see what kind of shape your EGT sensor is in.

3. Failing Exhaust and/or Engine Components

If you continue to drive around with a bad EGT sensor in your car, it’s eventually going to wreak havoc on both your exhaust system and your engine. You might find that certain components from your exhaust system and engine will start to fail on you.

This is pretty much a worst-case scenario when you have a bad EGT sensor. You should try to avoid getting to this point by catching a bad EGT sensor much earlier than this.

Replace an EGT Sensor If You Spot Any of These Signs

A bad EGT sensor isn’t always going to be a clear and obvious issue with your car. You might think any other number of things are wrong with it before considering an EGT sensor.

But you should make sure that the signs of a bad EGT sensor are always on your radar. It could prevent you from experiencing a whole host of headaches when your EGT sensor eventually goes bad on you.

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