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5 Things to Consider When Buying a Home Elevator

In the U.S, elevators move around 325 million passengers every day, including residential ones.

Investing in a home elevator has many perks, such as letting you express your unique style, maximizing space, and boosting your home’s resale value.

But not all elevators are created equal, which is why homeowners must conduct thorough research before taking the plunge. Perhaps you’re excited to install a home elevator, but you’re not sure what to consider first.

Sounds like you? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five things to factor in when installing a home elevator.

1. Location

You know the answer to your friends when they ask “why to install an elevator?”, so now it’s time to choose the ideal location for it. If it helps, draw out your home’s layout so you can decide on a practical and convenient area.

As a general rule, install the elevator near your home’s stairs so guests going to the second floor can meet near each other.

2. Elevator Styles

Before buying a home elevator, homeowners should take the time to find their dream style. There is a huge selection available so choose one that aligns with your property’s current decor, otherwise, it will look jarring. For instance, if you’ve got a modern home, then choose a streamlined elevator from a reliable retailer like Auditmate.

3. Installation Costs

Aside from the machine, you must also consider how much installing a home elevator will cost.

Most companies offer a free installation, but if they do it’s calculated by where it’s being installed. For instance, if you need to modify the desired area, then the retailer will charge more. Note, the cost will also depend on the elevator’s size, configurations, and style.

4. Safety Matters

An important consideration when installing an elevator in the home is the safety features. Many machines have safety mechanisms, such as emergency stops or lighting. You should also find a retailer who installs interlocks on the doors to prevent the elevator from opening at random tops.

5. Dealer

The final step is “how to get home elevator?”

Although it sounds straightforward, take the time to find a reliable dealer for your new elevator. Ask each prospect about the installation, maintenance, and whether they offer customers an extended warranty. You should also find a dealer who has a showroom with working models so you can test each one you’re interested in.

Don’t be afraid to ask dealers questions to determine whether the elevator is the right fit. For example, figure out how many floors each model can travel and how much space is needed to prevent any surprises later on.

Install a Home Elevator Today

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’re confident about installing a home elevator.

When browsing options, make sure you factor in the available space, the different styles, and installation costs. You should also take the time browsing dealers and consider the range of safety features on each model. Good luck with your search!

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