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Biography of Mikhail Efremov

In the family of Mikhail were educators, philologists and theatrical figures of various sizes. In particular, her mother, Addie Andrews, served as an actress in Sovremennik, and her father, the outstanding director Oleg Efremov, was a legendary figure in the country. It is clear in what environment and atmosphere the boy grew up, what people he met, what conversations he heard.

Remembering his childhood, Mikhail himself admitted: “My grandfather Nikolai Ivanovich Efremov raised me most of all. This is the most cunning person in our family, because in 1934, when he realized that they would soon start imprisoning everyone, he enlisted in the North and worked in the camps as an accountant. Thus, he saved the family from repression.”

Efremov Jr. realized early on that being just a descendant of stellar parents is not enough to succeed on his own. Therefore, having received his first roles in theater and cinema at school age, he tried very hard. He did not even manage to become conceited, having played in the film “When I Become a Giant”, after the release of which they began to recognize him on the street.
The star disease did not affect him at the theater university either.

Immediately after the first year of the Moscow Art Theater School, he was drafted into the Soviet army. Returning from the air defense forces, Mikhail continued his studies and became a certified artist. And almost immediately after that, in 1987, he headed the theater-studio Sovremennik-2, which included many children of great actors. Among them were Maria Evstigneeva, Sergei Shchekhovtsov, Vyacheslav Innocent Jr., Nikita Vysotsky and others. The studio lasted three years and broke up.

For the next six years, Efremov worked in the troupe of the Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov, headed by his father. But this fact was the reason for his departure from the theater. Disagreements and conflicts between the two Efremovs prevented everyone from working. Nevertheless, here he played many interesting roles, such as Chatsky, Treplev, Mozart, and gained a wealth of experience.

At that time, Efremov Jr. was also becoming popular with filmmakers. A talented comedian is willingly invited to feature films and TV shows. Starting from the second half of the 90s and to the present day, the creative life of Mikhail Efremov is full of bright film works. 

The actor admitted that he is in many ways similar to his Alexei Zhgut.

I must say that the artist does not cultivate comedic images, he is able to play serious things. Recall at least his juror in the film “12” (2007) or director Krivitsky in the TV movie “The Thaw” (2013). By the way, in this series, the eldest son of Mikhail, Nikita, appeared. He played his young grandfather.

The black spot of his biography, the artist calls problems with alcohol. He, unlike most of his colleagues, does not keep silent about this fact and treats it with humor. So the artist called his anniversary concert ambiguously – “Drinking with Mikhail Efremov.” True, alcohol addiction has repeatedly led the artist to scandalous situations both in life and on stage.

Efremov is multifaceted. He is a fan of Spartak, takes part in entreprises, puts on performances as a director, works as a TV presenter and member of the KVN jury, and also acts in music videos.

Personal life of Mikhail Efremov

The artist married several times officially. Didn’t deceive anyone. Before entering into a new marriage, he first got divorced. He has six children from different women.

In the first student marriage with a colleague Elena Golyanova, no children were born. The second wife of the actor was the head of Sovremennik Asya Vorobyova. She gave birth to Efremov’s son Nikita (1988), who is now also an actor in this theater.

In 1990, Efremov again married a colleague, actress Evgenia Lavaxgrll . In 1991, they had a son, Nikolai, now also an actor.

The fourth wife of the artist was the actress Ksenia Kachalina. In this marriage, the daughter Anna-Maria was born (2000).

Vera (2005), Nadezhda (2007) and Boris (2010) were born to Mikhail by his fifth wife Sofya Kruglikova, a sound engineer by profession. He considers her the best.

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