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Did they use basset furniture on the Netflix series Ozark?  Ozark season 4 review.

It’s the end of Ozark

Or is it now now don’t worry that’s not a spoiler there’s definitely a finality to these final seven episodes but when you put your business hat on well i think it’s actually pretty clear to anyone they’re leaving the door open i’m not saying here comes ozark season five but i think they’ve definitely laid the ground work for ozark to maybe return in a few years or to do some kind of spin-off show there’s more story to tell and again as i said they leave that door open a lot of character deaths though don’t worry about it you’re gonna have such a goodtime i would watch more

Ozark forever as long as they kept up the quality and they have consistently throughout then tire four seasons including this extended one in fact i would argue it gets better and better this is iconic television and ozark season four part two again another seven episodes does not disappoint it is such a white knuckle edge of your seat rollercoaster ride that while i’d plan to watch over the course of three days i was gonna go two three i was like oh that’s great i’ll have a little ozark movie every night well night two i just couldn’t stop watching i stayed up finished the whole thing because it’s a fantastic binge whew and you you’re going to want to binge this a sap to avoid spoilers but i will say that each episode is so explosive and exciting that i can’t help but wonder if maybe the ozark would be would have been as popular and as discussed as an hbo an hbo show disney plus  but hbo has similar content so you would think ozark would shine as brightly but it doesn’t air week to week maybe i fit aired week to week i mean it’ll trend this weekend oh it will trend but it could be something that was a weekly discussion and maybe more a part of the pop culture landscape something for the mto consider definitely you know as

 Netflix tries to get out of their current situation

As we keep telling them they might want to consider the weekly release they are i think you know they did they’ve done they they’re doing it and experimenting it with some ways but i think ozark is a show that they should have done it with now i’m not going to ruin the ending because that would be a mean thing to do but i’m also under strict spoiler embargo for Netflix until monday at pm eastern standard time that’s very unusual as you know i normally would drop the spoiler review as soon as the episodes drop so be ready and waiting for you when you finish the the season you know season four part two but i’m not allowed to do it because i think they want to make sure that this doesn’t get ruined for people and umthey know you’re busy they know there’s a lot of content out there but once you start Ozark season four part two youwon’t be able to stop they should have let me drop my spoiler review tomorrow morning but we’ll talk about it on nmonday and stay off the inter webs to keep yourself from having these twist sand turns spoiled i was shocked multipletimes and it was great uh what i will say is that this might go down as one of the best series finalessince the sopranos i was impressed with an ending deliberately left open forinterpretation i have my theoriesi really had to think about it too atfirst i was just like what was that andthen i thought about it and i was likewhy did that happen in particular and sothen i was like oh i think i get it and we’ll talk about it on monday all rightnow there’s also i want you to watch out particularly once

you’ve finished itthere is a key line in episode eight which is really episode one of part twobut they just keep on going with the numbering so it’s through eight through.but there is a key line therethat actually foreshadows what happens to a specific character and i was soimpressed with that level of writing and insight into the characters that this show wascreated i was like wow that’s good every show needs a great villain and with

Ozark that villain has without a doubt

 become wendy bird oh i know some of you have already been on the wendy bird sucks train buti have been holding out i’m like because here’s why like i always felt she was just being a tough businesswoman right holding her own with the guys because in so many other of thesekinds of anti-hero shows the wife character is always complaining about what her husband’s doing and she gets side lined and she’s just basically agiant wet blanket so to see wendy in on the action a partner for Marty who in some cases in some areas excelled and was even better i thought that i’ve always felt that was really cool but this time for the final seven episodes wendy’s a monster move over i’m  here to join the wendy sucks party i mean i actually said to myself that woman’s out of control she’s a monster there’s just there’s no question about it anymore and kudos to laura linney for making her a nuanced and believable monster and having the guts to play such a thoroughly despicable character i’m not gonna lie idon’t love that the wife is so again so horrible and i don’t i really hate the[ __ ] be crazy trope but i mean you need someone to do it and it’s a very complex rich nuanced character but i am torn on itas i am on a few things on this uh these final seven episodes alright so anyway and marty bird enables her that’s one of the most fascinating things about these final episodes and you’ll recall even i thought of this while i was watching these seven episodes one of the catalysts for this whole show was that she was cheating on him and he still wanted to be in a relationship with her so much so that part of him was glad they had to move to the ozarks and hunker down because it meant they kept their marriage to get her i mean we’ve dug a lot into wendy’s past over the course of this show and still even more so in these final episodes ina fascinating way but i wish we knew more about marty’s past to underst and how he could love wendy so much so much so that even his own children can no longer understand iti mean i’m telling you there’s story left on the table here

 I would really like to know more about

 marty and don’t worry it’s still very much his show too uh he’s very you know it’s ahuge he’s a huge part of it marty’s ahuge part i can only discuss so many things here because i don’t want to haves poilers uh also of course in addition to jasonbateman and laura lenny ozark is as muchjulia garner’s show and these finalepisodes do not disappoint when it comesto her story as welljust don’t worry marty has like oh hehas some incredible moments i can’t waitto talk about them all right but back toruth really ruth really comes into herown here finally no longer held back bymarty wendy or darlene the trainingwheels are off she finally gets to makeher own moves as she’s been wanting todo since we met her and it’s a joy towatch oh it was so fun however as muchfun as that was ruth’s grief over theloss of her cousin charlie is verymovingly done as well a shadow hangingover her we could see his death was thefinal straw in uh episode seven withthat incredible reaction that she hadand it’s the one that’s hurt the mostand i think the one that as you can seetruly lingers it was very touchingthere are a lot of twists and turns herea lotand one of the many places that

Ozark has shined continually

 across its run as it manages to keep things interestingand surprisingand of course the navarro drug cartel isstill a huge player with veronicafalcone taking on a much bigger rolehere as navarro’s sister and javi’smother and delivering yet anothercomplex nuanced female character to thiscrime thriller i’ve loved the femalecharacters on this show and here’sanother great onespeaking of crime i would say thefundamental question of ozark throughouthas been where is the lineis there anything marty bird and hisfamily won’t do i mean it’s a slipperyslope they’ve established that but thereisthere’s an intentionality in there aswell especially when you start to reallyget into the mud here i mean isn’t thatwhy jonah moved out right because hefeel there’s a disagreement as to wherethe line isand on that note i also feel this showis a lot about family and how a lot ofthe things adults doare for their children and also howtheir children feel about that and dealwith it like the question of legacyso to see these final episodes explorethese two things where’s the lineand legacylike why are you doing it and are youreally doing it for that reason and isit worth it and how do you do yourchildren even want you tomaybe they really do maybe they reallywant you to i mean it’s all reallyreally fascinating so wow people willdefinitely be talking again they had enough here for a week-to-week conversation so that’s i think maybesomething that will always haunt this show maybe they should have gone week to week ah they got their awards they’redoing really well but anyway stay offsocial media watch it as fast as you can and also be sure to join me back here on monday at  p.m eastern standard time when that spoiler embargo lift sand .

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