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yo what’s going on legends welcome back to another  apex legends mobile video in today’s video i’m  

gonna be showing you the top five best tips and  tricks to improve your overall gameplay experience  

on apex legends mobile now these tips and tricks  i’ve kind of related from like the pc and console  

version but a lot of people are new to apex  legends on the mobile version they’ve never seen  

or ever played apex on pc or console so please pay  attention because these tips and tricks are and  

will save your life in the future and also improve  your gameplay for a much better experience with  

high kills better experience on being able to save  yourself and overall winning a lot more matches  

tip number one trick  number one very basic go to settings  

go down to battle feedback and copy these exact  settings this is gonna reduce clutter on your  

screen and what do i mean by clutter so if you  shoot a team if you shoot an enemy savvy you’re  

not gonna have loads of numbers and shields all  over your screen so when you’re tracking an enemy  

you’re not gonna have numbers blocking your field  of view not being able to track the enemy properly  

now staying on number tip number one trick number  one we’re going to talk about health and shields  

real quick because not many people know this and  i really want to start this video basic for new  

people on apex and some people that have got  experience on apex but didn’t even know this  

so your health bar down the bottom left as  you can see that white bar now that is  hp  

and again what does  hp look like so if i  shoot somebody i’ve hit him for  and of course  

when i’ve actually killed somebody i’ve hit him  for  hp if he’s got no shield now talking  

about the shields each shield is extra health so  white will be an extra  hp so if i click on this  

as you can see down the bottom left i’ve gone up  two shields so each shield is  additional hp but  

it’s called armor of course in apex now again if  i go to blue so let’s take a look here if i go to  

blue as you can see i’ve gone up to  extra help  purple i’ve gone up  hp in total now which is  

an extra  hp and then of course we have red  as well which is the max you can have now this  

is an additional  hp so in total i’ve got   hp and then we’ve got gold ladies and gents  

which is exactly the same as purple the only  difference you can heal quicker so let me show  

you a demonstration okay

as you can see i’ve got a  gold evo shield here and down the bottom right i’m  

very low in hp now this only works with cells  and syringes batteries and med kits of course  

they’re gonna heal you fully and a phoenix kit as  well but if i pop a cell with gold armor this is  

actually going to now restore two cells instead  of one and if i pop a syringe it’s gonna heal me  

double the amount as a normal syringe would heal  while using any of the evil shields now let me  

just show you this again for example okay just to  show you exactly what i mean so i just showed you  

gold shield here is blue shield right now if i  pop a syringe as you can see it’s not going to  

heal me as much and if i pop a bat a cell it’s  only going to heal me by one bar instead of two

all right ladies and gents this one is a little  bit more advanced but it can be very annoying  

have you noticed when you jump on a zipline it  automatically turns you around on the direction  

that the zipline is facing now let me show you  that again real quick so if i’m running at the  

zip line like this it’s gonna automatically  check this out one hand it’s automatically  

gonna rotate me all the way around to the way  the zip line is facing now how do you fix this  

easy settings gameplay settings go down to  advanced settings options scroll down and turn  

off direction when riding on vertical zipline  press save settings now check this out when i  

jump on the zip line it’s not going to rotate  me look at that boom and now you can zipline  

bounce which is another tip and trick i’ll  go over in another video but basically all  

it is is being able to like bounce off a zip  line in the direction that you’re looking  

now tip number three and trick number three  so again this one’s more of a tip and it is  

for the basic viewers right now your legend who  do you want to play on apex legends mobile now  

this is quite difficult if you’re new to the game  if you don’t know exactly how legends work but if  

you take your past experience from other games on  core gt mobile for example or pubg what type of  

player are you in your team are you the aggressor  are you more supportive or you more than a you  

know a camper should i say i know that’s a bad  word to say but don’t worry there is a legend  

for each and every one of you now at the top of  your legends you will see these icons here these  

are different support groups again you got recons  which allow you to recon areas and of course blow  

downs you can scan an open area it’s pretty much  warhacks you’ve got a medic where you can be  

a support player where you can heal your teammates  you’ve got a tank which you know of course a tank  

you know what a tank is they’re the big guys but  they are also support players and then of course  

you got the aggressors which are the fast movement  characters which are the ones that want to get in  

the action first now guys this is very important  so the first thing you want to do when you open  

up the game is check out every single legends  abilities now how do you do that so as you can  

see i’ve clicked onto this legend and it will show  me her abilities right here and it will show you  

the videos as well on how they actually work if i  click play here it will show me how the abilities  

work now that tip was very basic so let’s move on  to a little bit more better and game play better  

as you can see in this clip ladies and gents  i’m actually using a door to my advantage  

how am i using this to my advantage you may ask  well i’ve just taken some damage i’m running  

behind a door and now i’ve got time to heal  myself now how does this actually work well  

you are technically blocking the door and the  enemy can only break through that door if they  

nearly hit it twice but by the time they’ve merely  hitted it twice you’ve already popped one of your  

healing items such as a shield battery or medical  kit now how do you use doors to your advantage  

you may ask now all you need to do is actually  turn off auto doors to be able to work the door  

system in your favor click on settings once more  guys go to gameplay settings and it’s the first  

option on there auto open doors make sure that  is turned off now you can protect yourself using  

the doors within the game because doors are a  huge feature and a life saver in apex legends  

and especially an apex legends moba because people  don’t seem to know how to melee doors very quickly  

all right tip number five trick number five  now this is more for the people that want to  

win games more often if you if you’re not worried  about kills this is more towards your style now as  

i mentioned in one of the previous tips selecting  your legends you’ve got a legend which is a recon  

so you got bloodhound and pathfinder they’re  the only recon legends within this game so far  

now with these two legends you can actually go  and scan recon beacons what is a recon beacon well  

these recon beacons are scattered all around the  map now you can go up to one and scan it now once  

you’ve scanned the recon beacon it actually shows  you where the next zone is going to be but you  

can only do this once you need to then wait until  the zone closes and then you can rescan again you  

can rescan using the same beacon if you’re lucky  that you’re in the same zone as the next circle  

now scanning those beacons are super super  important guys especially in rank now if  

you’re playing rank there are two parts of ranked  there’s kp and rp i know this is separate but i  

just want to give you an extra bit of information  with the uh the system here so this is tip number  

six technically but basically you got kp and  rp so that’s kill points and ranked points  

these are two things that consider your rank in  apex legends mobile now kill points is capped  

so you can only get six kills or six assists or  three kills three assists one kill five assists  

it doesn’t matter kills and assists equal the  same amount of kill points now that is cap but of  

course within the soft launch kp system is broke  only bots give you kp which is very frustrating  

but let me just go over this real quick a lot  of people always rush to get kills or assist  

at the start of the game but they end up dying  very quickly now what you can do is go in from my  

tip number five get your loadout so make sure that  you collect all your weapons your healing meds and  

your fully looted and go scan some beacons and get  into the next zone before anybody else knows about  

it now if you play like that all the way through  ranked matches what you can potentially do is find  

out where the last zone is and hide in a building  with your team now why would you be hiding if you  

got zero kills because all you’ve been doing  is scanning beacons well that’s easy guys kp  

is huge at the end game those final circles is  where all the action is not at the very start of  

the game because you’re kind of stupid if you’re  just gonna drop hot and die straight off the bat  

you are gonna lose a lot of points but guys make  sure that you play patient this game is not a  

run and gun game it’s all about teamwork and your  efficiency to be able to handle yourself and map  

awareness so what do i mean by this just take it  easy play smart and don’t be over aggressive and  

you will get some win well ladies and gents that  is my top five tips for you if you are new player  

to apex legends mobile we included some advanced  features and some basic features as well because  

a lot of people still don’t understand the basics  of the game even though they’re very technically  

good at the game

let me know  

in the comment section down below top five weapons  top five ars top five shotguns well there’s only  

three shotguns.

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