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Laura Dern Shares Her Some Old Memories About David Lynch

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Laura Speaking

if there’s an internal aspect to the

idea of feeling recognized then I would

say I’m figuring that out right now

the outside perception was always

confusing to me like I was their

daughter or his girlfriend or you know

their mom or you know like there are all

the labels or you know a sex siren or

the girl next door the blind girl from

the thing or the dinosaur lady or the

vet and you know or David Lynch’s Muse

or and you just keep allowing labels

aren’t you the lady who put her in

boobers on it but you have all these

labels and you don’t feel connection to

them if you’re lucky

I am

about marriage story the Noah Baumbach

film it was an amazing thing that I’ve

rarely gotten to do to consider fashion

as a Power Move knowing I both met

several very high-powered LA based

family lawyers and there was a

commonality in how attire was used by

women I think the only thing we knew is

that we had to go to Christian Louboutin

because she would never not be in his

shoes that’s part of the story the

physicality of always showing arm and

breasts and all I don’t know if you

noticed but she all is almost all the

time touching herself which is an

interesting strategy I love the idea of

how a woman in this position would

decide to meet the bully on his level

and say it’s time for a street fight and

again it’s the the design itself I

wanted to be able to like you know take

her jacket off to kind of reveal herself

as the way she’s going to bully this guy

and claim the space and win the case I

did not have to like her I did not so

the mere nature of a divorce lawyer is

is a really tricky thing to like what do

you like a character or not I always

have to find a way in to empathize with

how they got there well a beautiful day

to get to talk about David Lynch because

I’m high from the experience last night

of giving David Lynch his Academy Award

it was really an emotional and

extraordinary to reminisce on being a

year old and starting my journey with

him of course you know gives me the most

fun radical brilliantly designed look

character traits dialog just I mean it’s

the great experience of my

getting to work with him you know over

these years and such radically different

characters my mom’s more radical than me

and in my favorite story of David Lynch

is he taught my son to make his first

cappuccino and they were making

cappuccinos together and I was sitting

at his kitchen table at the time he was

probably  and he said so David I you

know I haven’t gotten to see your movies

with my mom and he was like oh yeah does

she want you to wait and he said yeah I

think she thinks you know that I

shouldn’t see them I wanted to see wild

at heart but is that to she’s like no no

you can’t see that is that too sassy and

he said well I mean it’s sassy but you

can’t see that till you’re  why

because of my mom and he goes oh it’s

not seeing your mother I’m worried about

it’s you seeing your grandmother that

I’m worried about

and and it was that moment that I was

like oh right that woman who like paints

her face with lipstick is somebody’s


what is your karaoke song when we were

working on wild at heart Nick Cage and I

deemed it I got you babe we found like

some Club in LA and we went and we

recorded it we dressed we went full-on

we went to a thrift shop before and we

full-on did it Cherokee people oh for

sure midriff I found long feather

earrings and kind of white lipstick and

did the full very straight long black

wig and I think for sure I found a


we have a picture somewhere we would

dress together like we dressed matching

for our premiere we coordinated and

dressed in can with a designer kind of

matching us we were taking sailor and

Lula to the full degree practical things

scare the hell out of me and I I was

told at a young age that I was such a

sponge and that this might be a really

good quality if I was going to go into

the arts but really challenging in


in terms of knowing what is yours and

what is someone else’s so all my fears

are the people I love like I my father

is terrified of snakes my stepmothers

terrified of spiders and my mother’s

terrified of great white sharks I got it

all I didn’t even know I had it and then

they just gave it to me and I was like

oh okay that’s the thing you got to be

terrified of I spend a lot of time in

terror and I blame Steven Spielberg

every day for it oh yeah well and I did

became a great swimmer because of that

terror so there you go

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