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we focus on one thing always protect your profits and today we’re going to be talking about muln which was down. we’re going to go over is the technical analysis we’re going to betaking a look at the overall price action we want to know support we want to know resistance we want to know what it looks like in the bearish case scenario and as well as in the bullish case scenario and then we’re going to be going on fintel taking a look at the recent short interest information the reason why this is important because it does have an impact on the way the stock performs and then we’re going to betaking a look at the order flow distribution we want to know the buying and the selling behavior on the retail side and as well as on the institutional side and then when all of that is done we’ll be going into the final thought sand as well as some more details so let’s get to it so we’re going to do a technical analysis for mullen let’s see how it performed on the day so ended up closing at one dollar being down. percent so pretty much close right on a support level and then when we take a look at the range on the day on the low it tested  cents and then on the high testing one dollar and four cents when we take a look at the volume stats on the day you can see we traded at

Thirty point three hundred seventy-nine million shares

 and the average volume over ten trading days is at Fifty-six point two hundred ninety-five million shares so we did have below average volume on the day and we did see some weakness in the stock now when we take a look at our chart which is a daily chart you can see from thers i down below it is at Thirty-seven point ninety-nine and then when we take a look a tour moving averages here on the chart we are below the two-hunderd day the one-hunderd day the fifty day and as well as a twenty-one day ema and it’s clear to see that mullen is in a bear market trading below all of our major moving averages and if you remember what i was saying in my previous video that it was looking fairly bearish and of course this trend is continuing we continue to have lower lows and as well as lower highs so this is not a good sign so we decided to pull back further and break through  cents that’s where we could start testing right around the mid s and if we break through the mid eighty which i’m talking about is around to  then we could start testing cents and that’s where we want to actually see if we could have a double bottom reversal happen there because that’s what happened the last time when we got to around sorry it wasn’t  was around  cents so we can bounce off of that level and make a move let’s say going to around  cents that’s definitely some good profit right there but i’m not betting on that because we need to have bulls that are going to best epping in at that mid  cent level if they do not do that then mull en can pull back to where it could start trading in the  cent range around  cents to be exact so be fully aware of that if you want to see a turnaround or if you want to see some sort of reverse out of display of course it needs to come to the  day em a which is at one point twenty-one cents which is seventeen cents away from the high that it reached on the day as well so you’re pretty much asking for a strongmove from the play and if it’s able tore claim the  day ema of course i want to see how well it would get to as faras for the -day moving average at if you remember previously it was aroundOne eighty-nine so it’s going to continue to comedown as the stock pulls back so be cognizant of that so now let’s move onto the short interest information sowe’re going to take a look at the recent short interest information from mullen so the alpha exchange short volume ratiois at

Twenty-five point twenty-two percent

 and then for the alpha exchange short volume it is just over five million shares scrolling down on the pages short shares availabilities at Seven lac fifty thousand shares updated twenty minutes ago and then for the short bar few rate itis at . percent when we take a lookat the history of the short volume we could see for the close of the th it was atTwenty eight point ninety-six and then for the close of the twenty-threebeing atTwenty five point twenty two so as we scroll up and take a look at the short interest percentage of theflow being at .what does this tell us mullen doesn’thave short squeeze potential now let’smove on to the order flow distribution now let’s take a look at the order flow distribution for mullen so we see on theinflow it’s at. million and on the outflows at .million so we had an outflow day taking a look at the breakdown on the large itwas . million on the medium it was Four point Eleven million and then on the small itwasOne point twenty one million taking a look at the out flow side you can see on the large itwas two point twenty five million on a medium it was .million and then on the small it was One point thirty seven million taking a look at the large-scale orders in the last five days you can see from may the th which istoday we had that outflow of just over Nine Lac Seven thousand and on the twenty-three we had an in flow of just over  analyzing the numbers even further for the small scale orders that tends to represent the retail side wehad more selling than we had buying and then when we take a look at whathappened on the medium we had more selling than we had buying and then for the largest represents whales institutions and funds we had moreselling than we had buying and then whenwe take a look at the turnover ratio itwas at Nine point Ninety seven percent and you know what this isnot too bad for a volatile stock like mullen but one thing that is clear everything is going according to plan ifyou remember from my previous video we talked about how i was looking bearishi’ll talk about it further in the final thoughts so let’s go into it right now so for my final thoughts for mullen whenit comes to the price action we closedat one dollar we tested a low at cents and we saw a high at one dollar and four cents so again it is continuing to look bearish so the next level you want to look out for the downside if we end up breaking through  cents i want to see us testing around the high mid so that’ll be around  to around. and if

we break through those levels the next

area we want to look out for of course is  cents but we want to see support coming in at around  to cents if you remember this area the last time that we tested it we had this strong bounce and we were able to go back into the one dollar range so i want to see a double bottom reversal i wantto see a repeat if we don’t have bulls stepping in in the mid s mullen willpull back and it can go back as far ascents so please add that to yourhomework this is very important ifyou’re looking for a reversal you wantto see some strength and need to get back to the  day ema which is at .so that is  cents from the high thatit had today at one dollar and fourcents so that is a lot to ask out ofthis play so if it’s unable to do thatthat’s why i say you look forward toseeing some further weakness but if it’sable to make a move up maybe you mightget a catalyst and so forth that’s wherethings get interesting we also do havethe -day moving average which is at. if you remember what i said in theprevious video it was around .of course it’s starting to go down sincethe stock is pulling back so now youguys know what it looks like in abearish case scenario and as well as ina bullish case scenario figure out yourstrategy also we went on fintel taking alook at the recent short interest information to let you know yes mullen doesn’t have short squeeze potential wesee that the short percentage of the float is continuing to go down and it nolonger meets our criterias whats oever does this mean that you know what this stock is completely finished no it just shows that as far as short sellers are concerned there’s not as many in theplay as we’ve had previously and this is also could be some great news for all of my investors out there but of course if you are going to be investing in this stock i highly suggest you do your research you do your due diligence because if the stock does decide to pullback you’ll be confident to load up on the dip if you’re not going to be confident to load up on the dip do not buy this stock whatsoever and if you area trader make sure that you’re using the right risk management have your stop loss in place have a good idea of what your entry is going to be and what your exit is going to be and have realistic expectations here don’t just say well you know what i’m buying in right now and i want to see this stock get to two dollars next week it just doesn’t work that way they need to release a catalyst to even have that sort of remove and that catalyst would definitely would have to be a strong one

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