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What’s Inside Chrysler Building & Its Structure

Just a estimate

what’s inside the

chrysler building and its structure

a short story about the chrysler

building chrysler building is a popular

building with the art deco style

located at the intersection of and

street and lexington avenue in new york

city the building is constructed by

walter chrysler who is also the founder

of chrysler automobile company

walter chrysler wanted to build the

tallest building in the world to be his

company’s headquarter and yeah he made it

the construction was completed in with a height of

 feet from the ground to the tip of the spire

the chrysler building was the tallest

building in the world but only for

months and later was surpassed by the

empire state building

total floor count is

let’s take a look at what inside those


this is the lobby the lobby is open to

the public it has three main public


a service entrance and a private


majority of the space in the lobby is

for retail the rest of the building

above the lobbies is leased to

businesses and not accessible to

tourists let’s take a look inside the

floor four

this is one of the largest floors

the center space for elevator and

utility rooms

the surrounding area is for common

office desks private offices and

conference rooms move up to floor

as we move up higher the floor gets


this floor has mainly private offices

move up to floor

this floor is near the top of the crown

the space here gets even smaller

and this floor has a shape

which looks like a flower

let’s take a look at the structure of

the chrysler building

this is the core of the building

inside the core there are  elevators

cluster into four banks each bank serve

different floors within the building

there are also multiple emergency stack


the center staircase goes straight all

the way from the bottom to the top

the building structure combines brick

and steel approximately three million

eight hundred twenty six thousand bricks

were manually laid together with a steel


the chrysler building is considered as

one of the leading example of art deco


at the four corners of the st floor

are grazed with eagles

and on the st floor’s corners there

are wing replicas of the  chrysler

radio caps

and also there are cartwheel patterns on

the wall

the building is distinctive due to a

terrorist crown made of stainless steel

cladding the cladding was decorated in a

shape like the rays of the sun with many

triangular vaulted windows reminiscent

of the spokes of a wheel

now you can see there’s so many car

parts in the design of the building

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