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Top 5 Factors to Consider When Hiring Car Shipping Services

Shipping vehicles is something most people don’t believe they’ll ever need to do. However, it happens more than you think when you make a big move. The good news is that there are plenty of companies to help.
Reports show there are nearly 5,000 vehicle shipping services in the United States. However, not all those companies will offer an excellent service.
With how valuable your car is, you can’t take hiring car shipping services lightly. Keep reading to learn how to find a company that offers a great car shipping experience.

  1. Verify Registration
    You can’t decide to start collecting cars and transporting them across the country. Transportation services need to get registered with the government. If they don’t, it’s not legal for them to sell transportation services.
    Ask for the registration number from all your options for shipping services. You should get a registration number from the Department of Transportation. Additionally, you’ll need to look for a Motor Carrier number if you need your car shipped across state lines.
  2. Get Multiple Quotes
    Shipping large vehicles doesn’t come cheap, but that doesn’t mean you should pay the highest price possible for the service. Unfortunately, many companies charge more than necessary. You won’t figure this out if you don’t get pricing from as many companies as possible.
    Comparing car shipping costs is a must if you want to get your money’s worth. Getting quotes from a minimum of three shipping companies makes sense to determine your best option.
    Check out to learn more about the costs associated with shipping vehicles.
  3. Learn Shipping Timeframes
    Not all shipping services ship cars at the same speed. Some will ship in several days, while others can take weeks to handle the job.
    Consider shipping timelines when you pick your shipping company. You’ll need to coordinate well if you need your car at the new location at a specific time and still need to use it daily until the shipping date.
  4. Consider Insurance Options
    You never know what will happen when you’re on the road. Even if you work with a shipping company known for safety, there’s always the chance that an accident will happen.
    You can’t afford to be without insurance when this happens. See what insurance your shipping company offers to ensure you have coverage for any damage to your car.
  5. Read Reviews
    Reading online reviews is a step you shouldn’t skip when looking for shipping companies. Not all moving companies do things the right way, but you can’t always figure that out by reading a website or talking to their representatives.
    Online reviews will help you fill in the gaps. You can see what problems other customers have with shipping companies and find red flags that make working with companies not worth it.
    Now You Know What Hiring Car Shipping Services Takes
    Shipping a car across the country is no easy task. You must coordinate across the country, safely load your vehicle on a truck, and secure it to ensure nothing bad happens.
    It takes a particular skill to know how to handle this the right way. Use the tips above when hiring car shipping services to find a service that can handle your car shipping needs.
    Head back to the blog for more posts that will help you tackle other moving tasks.

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